meows of may

here are some fellow kitty (and other) friends I’ve met this month!!


this is Oakley, my friend’s neighbor’s lil meow. He is super sweet and has a little heart shaped nose ❤ He lives with an other kitty named Odus (a shy grey-blue kitty).


here we have baba (aka tinsel)’s friends. They were always quite shy when I walk pass them, but today they decided to say hello! (big fluffy kitty in the background is tinsel 🙂

AND lastly


LUNA!! This is my friends meow meow and she is the most elegant kitty i’ve seen! Loves her cuddles and attention ❤ And always look like royalty

Non-kitty friends of may include IMG_6106.JPG

this pupper friend that won’t stop staring at us while we were eating ice cream and was waiting patiently for some to drop :’)



Milo my snail friend exploring their new home.

And that’s all for May!

Love, tiffy


more fluffy friends by the beaches


I’ve named this big fluffy kitty tinsel. because the first time I’ve met this guy is during Christmas! hence tinsel 🙂

(Real name is baba)

Tinsel is always sitting in front of the front porch no matter what the weather is! He loves the snow. But don’t worry tinsel has the fluffiest and most beautiful fur that will keep him warm all day! He also lives with a few other adorable kitty friends.


His friends are a little shy but also enjoys sitting on the porch too.

Tinsel is very friendly and affectionate, he absolutely loves being petted and will roll onto his belly! He has a little black spot on his nose which just makes him extra adorable!