fluffy friends update (June)

Here are some updates of my friends!!

I have changed Addikis bedding back to Carefresh paper bedding. For a month or so she had towels as her bedding since that was recommended by the vet. (The vet suspected the bedding may have caused an allergic reaction for her so I was told to change it.)

For the past year, she has gotten very sick from extreme itching, to a lump on top of her eye and cancer. The good news is that her itchiness has stopped since I stopped adding toilet paper in her home. (I use to give her little pieces of it near her bed for extra softness, but it caused her an allergic reaction.) Addikis still have a bump on top of her eye, but it is not as visible on pictures. Her other health problems have stayed the same.

Here Addikis is eating a bread treat for hamsters 🙂 She is still happy and energetic mochi despite all of her problems.


As for ET


Et is a happy little bulb, this little one has grown so much since I got her! She is very healthy and happy ❤

The only trouble I have is trying to maintain the perfect water temperature since it is summer. It is very difficult to keep an Axolotl tank the perfect temperature during this season, but luckily I have an aquarium fan that cools down the water. (Also frequent water change helps too.)


This is a picture of ET waiting to be feed…hehe


Lastly, we have Charlie. My best friend and favorite meow. Her day consists of sleeping, playing and eating (and sometimes cuddling my leg)

Good night!




April things -23.4.17 

The past few weeks has not been the best. Oliver my beloved bearded dragon has a few parasites according to her fecal exam. I have to force feed her medication and food. (She absolutely hates this but it’s not a choice, sorry oli 😦

She is having a hard time and has not had any bowl movements for 2 weeks. Oliver spends her day sitting on the same spot and barley moves. I hope that she gets better soon and be a happy beardie again.

Addikis my fluff ball hamster has been doing fine, the itching has decreased a lot since the change of bedding (paper to towel). I’m glad we figured out what caused her so much disturbance. Tumor and swelling on her nipples are still present though. Also, ET (axolotl) has grown so much since I got her!! She has now longer and chubbier 🙂

I can now see her little toes and fingers with no trouble (since they got so much bigger!)

This week I was also informed that I did not get accepted to the art school I applied for. I am upset and also feel like shit because I thought I had a chance. There was this tiny glimpse of hope that I would make it but I guess I’m not good enough. Drawing is a passion of mine and hearing that my work is not good enough hurts me a lot. I was never a confident artist and this just reassures me that it is something I cannot do. It hurts because I gave myself hope and that is something I never do because I know that only causes disappointment. It took me so long to build up the courage to leave everything behind and pursue art, but I guess it’s just not meant to be. once and always a pathetic little girl

Good night for now

basic axolotl care 

Axolotls are salamanders that stay at their larval stage, in the wild, they are nearly extinct. But are quite common household pets.

Axolotls are very high maintenance creatures, be sure to do your research before getting one!!!


One axolotl requires a 10-gallon aquarium (ideally 20 gallons).

* naturally they are quite aggressive animals and should not be housed with another. Bigger fishes will nip/ eat the axie and smaller ones will become dinner, so generally, it’s not a good idea to keep tank mates

A hideout is also required in an axie aquarium, they are shy animals that enjoy hiding. Common ones used are flower pots, pvc pipes, mugs etc.


Do not use gravel or regular aquarium sand as the substrate. Only use extremely fine sand as substrate, choose one that is safe to be ingested.

this is the exact substrate I use



Axolotls do not have eyelids, they have very poor eyesight. Light should be avoided in the aquarium, only use light for viewing purposes.

Water quality 

A water filter is a must.axies need clean and cold water to survive. (16-18c). Temperatures can be regulated by a cooler or fan. Warm temperatures will lead to stress and possibly death.

adjustable filter is also required (always leave on the weakest flow if not it will stress out your lil friend)

Clean and change water frequently (i spot clean daily and make sure a 50% water change is done weekly) High ammonia levels are very unsafe for axies. The more frequent water change the better.


These cute lil bulbs feed on bloodworms, nightcrawlers and axolotl pellets. It is recommended to feed daily or every other day.


this is just a basic care guide more research should be done prior to getting an axolotl, though they are super cute and adorable their average lifespan is 10 years. (Make sure you have to the commitment for that!!)

useful videos & links