basic axolotl care 

Axolotls are salamanders that stay at their larval stage, in the wild, they are nearly extinct. But are quite common household pets.

Axolotls are very high maintenance creatures, be sure to do your research before getting one!!!


One axolotl requires a 10-gallon aquarium (ideally 20 gallons).

* naturally they are quite aggressive animals and should not be housed with another. Bigger fishes will nip/ eat the axie and smaller ones will become dinner, so generally, it’s not a good idea to keep tank mates

A hideout is also required in an axie aquarium, they are shy animals that enjoy hiding. Common ones used are flower pots, pvc pipes, mugs etc.


Do not use gravel or regular aquarium sand as the substrate. Only use extremely fine sand as substrate, choose one that is safe to be ingested.

this is the exact substrate I use



Axolotls do not have eyelids, they have very poor eyesight. Light should be avoided in the aquarium, only use light for viewing purposes.

Water quality 

A water filter is a must.axies need clean and cold water to survive. (16-18c). Temperatures can be regulated by a cooler or fan. Warm temperatures will lead to stress and possibly death.

adjustable filter is also required (always leave on the weakest flow if not it will stress out your lil friend)

Clean and change water frequently (i spot clean daily and make sure a 50% water change is done weekly) High ammonia levels are very unsafe for axies. The more frequent water change the better.


These cute lil bulbs feed on bloodworms, nightcrawlers and axolotl pellets. It is recommended to feed daily or every other day.


this is just a basic care guide more research should be done prior to getting an axolotl, though they are super cute and adorable their average lifespan is 10 years. (Make sure you have to the commitment for that!!)

useful videos & links



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